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Classes and events, for members and the community at large, are a key part of the Bellingham Makerspace mission. Classes and events also help instructors and the Makerspace financially (60/40 split). Anyone can propose a new Bellingham Makerspace class, workshop, demo, etc.

See also: Proposals and Current classes.

Instructors Wanted

Pretty much anything, that Bellingham Makerspace has the equipment/space for and involves making stuff, is welcomed. There's no need to be a teacher, all you need is a desire to share something you are passionate about.

We especially need folks to teach ongoing Intro classes, classes that qualify members to use equipment for their own projects:
  • 3D printing - getting folks started with how to use our Ender3, Raise 3D N2, Ultimaker2, etc.
  • Vacuum forming - using our CR Clarke 1820
  • Screen printing - using our 4 station printer (need a tool-champ to set everything up)
  • Metalworking - using our manual lathe/mill (need a tool-champ to setup CNC mini lathe and mills)
  • Woodworking - using our lathe and scroll saw, wood carving, marquetry, etc.
  • Electronics - lots of new acquisitions and possibilities here (no current classes)
  • Sewing - using our (industrial) sewing machines
  • CAD - using free 2 and 3D CAD software, e.g. Fusion 360 or Solid Edge
  • First Aid/CPR

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Ideas and raw proposals

A rough version of Jason's Feb 8 notes:
  • Woodworking boxes, stands, handtools and finishing (Ivan S)
  • TinkerCAD (Jason D)
  • Cream Etching
  • Leatherwork
  • Paracord crafts
  • Basic Soldering (Rochelle S)
  • Amateur Radio Basics (Budd C, Rochelle S, Steve S)
  • Printed Circuit Boards (Budd C)
  • Pimp My Pinewood Derby Car
  • Light saber construction, repair and accessories (Anthony R, Ivan S, Tony)
  • Cosplay basics
  • Contact juggling
See also: Woodshop setup and classes
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Important Information

(Included at the bottom of all Eventbrite class listings)

COVID-19: To keep everyone safe; masks (can provide), hand sanitizing (at entrances), temperature checks and social distancing are required at Makerspace. Maximum class size has been reduced to allow for social distancing.

Class fees: All class fees include materials. If you are a current Bellingham Makerspace member or scheduled volunteer you may select the discounted member registration. Some instructors offer scholarship discounts and volunteers may be eligible for training discounts.

Cancellations: All classes have a minimum number of participants. If the instructor specified number is not reached 24hrs before the class is scheduled to start, the class will be cancelled and any registrations refunded (Eventbrite fees are non refundable).

Refund policy: You may request a refund from Eventbrite no later than 24hrs before the class starts (Eventbrite fees are non refundable). After that point instructors and participants are committed and we won't be able to provide any refunds.

Donations: Want to help the financially challenged?, donate any amount to the Bellingham Makerspace Scholarship Fund. We want to make it possible for everyone to take the classes they want to take.

Other FAQs
  • When and where to arrive?
    • Bellis Fair Mall. The Makerspace main/front/mall entrance is the last on the left before Dick's Sporting Goods, the back/workshop entrance is to the right of Dick's outside entrance.
    • Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before class so that you have time to sign-in.
  • What to bring/not to bring?
    • For shop class personal safety, please wear closed-toe shoes, tie long hair back, and avoid any dangling jewelry or baggy clothing. Bring personal ear and eye protection if you have it (can provide).
    • If the class involves computers, bring your laptop PC if you have one.
  • Is there an age limit?
    • All our classes are 18+ (14-18 with parental permission) unless otherwise indicated in the class description.
Other questions? Email us at manager@bellinghammakerspace.org
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