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Intro to the Woodshop

Woodshop 101Introduction to the Bellingham Makerspace woodshop (AKA Woodshop 101). The class will cover Bellingham Makerspace woodshop standards including safety, allowable materials, mobile bases, power, dust collection, machine controls, etc. The class is for both experienced woodworkers and those new to woodworking.

The easiest way to get acquainted with the Makerspace Woodshop Standards and machines is with hands on board processing. While topics like reading grain direction will be touched upon, the focus is safety, e.g. cutting warped wood.

The take home project is a chamfered sign board ready for engraving. Everyone will cut, surface, plane, square and chamfer a piece of 2x6 lumber. Makerspace members can use the woodshop for personal projects after taking this class.

Class Length: 2 hours
Prerequisites: None
Min/max registrations: 3
If you'd like a 50% scholarship discount (no questions asked) or would like to see the class offered at another day/time, email davelers@gmail.com.

Instructor Bio: Dave Lers has been a professional woodworker for decades and has experience with many aspects of woodworking, from house framing to hand-cut dovetail cabinetry.

Folks who have taken the class: Sage, Michelle J, Brian M, Rebecca P, Joseph C, Alex J, Madeline B, Erin H, Andrew F, Mechel B, Halley M, Alina H, Drew B, Garrett M, Carol P, Luke W, Miranda D, Wesley F, Alicia W, Rachel W, Carly L, Steven M, Matt D, Nathan B, Dex H, Karen R, Colleen D, Jim S, Justin R, Ramsel R, Michael S, Bryon S, Ryder J, Cornelia V, Roland V, Jack D, Breanna BD, Tara S, Trisha T, Cameron S, Jesse C, Eric Mc, Marshall G, Timothy R, Jack H, Gary L

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