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Anyone can propose a new class, workshop, demo, etc. To propose a new class you can use the Teach A Class form or email Jason. Using the form on this site is no longer recommended.

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Your CNC Router Project

X-Carve CNC Project WorkshopA one-on-one project workshop to help you turn your design into a finished project. Prerequisites: Intro to CNC and project info.

For those who have taken Intro to CNC and would like help preparing and cutting/engraving a project. Possibilities include learning to use advanced Easel features and functions, importing 2D CAD (dxf) or vector (svg) drawings, advanced X-Carve setups involving fixtures for repetitive cuts, joint making, two sided machining, router templates, longer than workspace machining, vacuum fixtures, etc.

To insure that the instructor can help with your project, please email him (davelers@gmail.com) some information about your idea/project (drawings appreciated) before registering. If the scheduled day/time is not convenient, please include your availability. Preferred scheduling is Wednesday - Monday starting at 4-6pm.

Class Length: 1 hour
Max participants: registrant plus one
Prerequisites: project info, Intro to CNC

Instructor bio: Dave Lers has been a professional woodworker, metalworking hobbyist and maker for decades. Since becoming involved with the Makerspace he has been spending most of his time experimenting with and using the X-Carve and his customized Workbee CNC.
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Intro To Python Programming

Intro To Python ProgrammingPosted by Devin Link on Sunday, 03-Oct-2021

In intro to programming students will learn the fundamentals of python programming. My Course is 6 weeks long and follows this structure:
Week 1: Python Setup and Writing "Hello World"
Week 2: Objects and Simple Data Structures
Week 3: Control Flow
Week 4: Methods and Functions
Week 5: How to Make a terminal project
Week 6: Review/ Share projects and how to keep learning

I am looking for 1 Hour Sessions for Every Thursday for 6 consecutive weeks.
What I would need from Makerspace is tables, and power cords for everyone to sit at, and if you had a projector that would be helpful.

Students are expected to bring their own computer.

Maximum number of students would be 20, and minimum would be 5.
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Master the Cut

Master the Cut

Try your hand at traditional Japanese hand tools! Learn how to make and take home small wood items such as coasters, gems, and roses.

Master the Cut is Part I of a 2-part Bellingham Makerspace tool sampler course. Part One introduces you to the hand plane and pull saw. We will discuss [and use/practice with] two traditional Japanese tools, the Kanna, or hand plane and the Ryoba, a pull saw.

The Kanna, or hand plane, can cut shavings as thin as 3 microns (0.003mm). For perspective, a piece of paper is roughly 0.1mm.

Japanese saws are well known for their razor-sharp teeth that cut on the pull stroke. There are all kinds of saws, but the one the student(s) will use is called a Ryoba, meaning "two teeth". One side has large rip teeth for cutting alongside the grain, the other has smaller teeth used for cutting across the grain.

Class Length: 1-1/2 hours
Prerequisites: None

Instructor Bio: Ivan Schierling has been practicing Japanese carpentry for more than 10 years. As a student of many renowned woodworkers, Ivan was entranced with the beauty and craftsmanship of woodworking using well-made hand tools. From working on large garden structures to fine furniture, Ivan continues to refine his skills.
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Intro to 3D Design in Onshape

Intro to 3D Design in Onshape3D printing classes will start as soon as the new printers arrive.

Learn how to design a 3D Printable Fidget Spinner in Onshape. This class will focus on the fundamentals of 3D design and how to navigate Onshape's browser-based cad system. The students will be designing a fidget spinner to be 3D printed in the Intro to 3D printing class or on their own time if they are already adequately familiar with 3D printing. Some of the learning objectives are listed here:
  • Navigating Onshape
  • Design intent for parametric design
  • Start a Sketch
  • Additive Design
  • Subtractive Design
  • Filleting
  • Exporting
Participants are encouraged to get an Onshape Free account and bring a laptop if they can.

Class Length: 2 hours
Prerequisites: None (Intro to 3D Printing is useful)
Min/max registrations: 2-4
If you'd like a 50% scholarship discount (no questions asked) email ben@bellinghammakerspace.org

Instructor Bio: Ben Holmgren is a Plastics and Composites Engineering graduate of Western Washington University. He has been working with the Bellingham Makerspace for 6 years teaching 3D printing, 3D design, and a class to build your own 3D Printer.
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The Garden Hour - Dahlia propagation

The Garden Hour with Master Gardener Marie Metivier-DeMastersThe Bellingham Makerspace hosts a weekly Garden Hour talk with Master Gardener Marie Metivier-DeMasters. This week's topic: Dahlia propagation

Dahlia propagation, AKA “separating dahlias” is a simple thing in theory but didn't work when I tried it until I watched someone do it. I'll bring in some dahlia tubers (mostly cleaned up), demonstrate what needs to happen, then let you try it yourself with a plastic bin, a set of clippers, a clump of dahlias, vermiculite, plastic bags to take home some dahlias, and instructions on storing and planting them.

We have a different Garden Hour every Saturday! Subjects we plan to discuss: Propagating Herbs, Seed Saving, Picking & Drying Herbs, Making Seasonal Wreaths, Garden-Themed Gifts, Propagating Indoor Plant Cuttings, Planning for Spring

Class Length: 1 Hour
Min/max registrations: 1-10
Instructor Bio: Master Gardener Marie Metivier-DeMasters
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Intro to Soldering - Weevil Eye

Intro to Soldering - Weevil EyeBased on a previous Eventbrite listing ($3 Weevil Eye kits). Some other possibilities are a $3 Mini Tesla Coil Kit, $4 Smart Car Kit and, for a hot air reflow class, a $5 LED Fidget Spinner

Make a Light Up Weevil Eye and learn how to solder while you do it!

The WeevilEye is a through-hole soldering kit designed for the beginner. It has a low part count so even young kids can easily complete it. Once it's put together the red LED “eyes” light up brighter or darker according to how much light is getting to the photosensor.

Learning how to solder is an extremely useful skill for all skillsets and ages.

As we assemble our project we will discuss all aspects of soldering including, safety, soldering irons, component identification, preparation, types of solder, and flux. We will also cover tinning and splicing wires and desoldering as necessary. There will be examples of prototype circuit construction techniques and extra components and boards to practice on.

Class Length: 1-1/2 hours
Prerequisites: None
Min/max registrations: 1-6

Instructor Bio: Rochelle has over thirty-five years experience working in all areas of the electronics industry including repair, manufacturing, R&D, and currently works as a test engineer in the test lab of a local electronics manufacturer. He has a passion for helping others get their projects off the ground and enjoys passing on skills and advice he has gained over his career.
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Woodshop Projects

Hosted Open WoodshopThis is something that could be offered multiple days/times by multiple hosts. The goal is to provide a learning environment where help from skilled hosts can be counted on.

Get help with woodworking projects and learn new skills.

Woodshop Projects is for anyone that wants to make stuff from wood, all skill levels welcome. Topics can include design, material selection, construction methods, machine and hand tool how-to's, etc. Machines can include the planer, jointer, bandsaw, mitersaw, tablesaw, drill press and CNC router. Machine topics can include using, adjusting, changing blades/belts, making jigs/fixtures, etc. Woodworking howto's can include cutting (compound) angles, resawing, surfacing, glue-ups, joints, hand planing, routing, sanding, etc.

To insure that the instructor can help with your project, please email him (davelers@gmail.com) some information about your idea/project (drawings appreciated) before registering.

Class Length: 1 hour
Prerequisites: project info (Intro to the Woodshop recommended)

Host Bio: Dave Lers has been a professional woodworker for decades and has experience with many aspects of woodworking, from house framing to hand-cut dovetail cabinetry.
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Intro to 3d Printing

Intro to 3d PrintingPosted by Instructor Needed on Sunday, 16-Feb-2020

We need someone to teach this class. The following is based on one of our previous offerings, everything about it is open to change, e.g. the newer and more popular Ender3 VS Ultimaker2.

Have an interest in 3D printing? Come to our class at the Makerspace and learn what you need to get started!

In this class you will learn how to build a name tag keychain in Tinkercad, the steps of slicing using Cura, how to start a print on the Ultimaker2, and the basic techniques to troubleshoot simple problems.

Once you have learned these basic skills you will be able to make all manner of things with a 3D printer, so stop dreaming and start making at the The Makerspace!

Skill level: This class is built for beginners

Topics Covered:
   Tinkercad 3D CAD design
   Use of Cura 3D slicing software
   Starting prints on the Ultimaker2 3D printer
   Troubleshooting your prints

What to Bring: Participants are encouraged to sign up at Tinkercad and bring a laptop with Cura installed (both are free). If you cannot bring a laptop, please let us know ahead of time so we can get a computer set up for you.
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