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This is a general forum for all Bellingham makers and any Makerspace or making stuff related topics (no registration required). Most of the information I get about Makerspace happenings is incomplete bits and pieces from numerous sources. This site isn't perfect, but participation and promotion by all involved could make it a one stop source for everything Makerspace.

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Posted by Dave L on Friday, 21-Feb-2020

There's lots of stuff to do at the new location, both short and long term.
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News and Events

Any and all maker related news and events.
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Materials and Supplies

Where to get project materials, hardware, etc.? If you're looking for something or know a good source for something, e.g. vacuum forming or laser/CNC engraving/routing material, please post it here.
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Show off something you've made, get help with something you want to make, etc.
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Machine Issues

For all Makerspace machine related issues - machine not working as expected, questions about a machine, etc.
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