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Materials and Supplies

Where to get project materials, hardware, etc.? If you're looking for something or know a good source for something, e.g. vacuum forming or laser/CNC engraving/routing material, please post it here.

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Router and drill bits
Posted by Dave L on Sunday, 15-Sep-2019

Grizzly (map, near the end of Iowa) probably has the best and most affordable selection of router and drill bits in town.

This post was motivated by someone using a metal drilling bit because they couldn't find a 15mm? wood boring bit ($9 at Grizzly).

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Baltic Birch Plywood
Posted by Dave L on Sunday, 26-May-2019

Baltic (and Russian) Birch plywood [link] is the best choice for most 1/8-1/2" thick plywood projects (3/4 is relatively expensive). Baltic Birch's most unique features are that it is an all hardwood plywood (strong) with relatively thick veneer faces (best plywood for laser engraving).

Bellingham has at least two sources, one is Windsor Plywood [link] on Iowa St.

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