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If you're Interested in volunteering at the Bellingham Makerspace please fill out Volunteer Application form. Makerspace is always looking for folks interested in sharing their skills and helping others. Regularly scheduled (3-4hrs per week) volunteers can learn new skills (discounted/free classes and events) and get limited access to Makerspace equipment (members have priority).

You can also share your skills by teaching a class or holding a workshop. Classes and events, for members and the community at large, are a key part of the Makerspace mission. Classes and events also help instructors and the Makerspace financially (60/40 split). See Classes : Proposals to propose a class, workshop or demo.

...Adding some possible volunteer projects below.
See also: Bellis Fair Woodshop

Dog Lamp

Dog LampDog LampMakerspace is working on making kits to sell, things that folks can make at home. Mary has asked if anyone is interested in making wood parts for a dog lamp. Doing a bit of research it appears that dog lamps are a thing, lots of variations available in a wide price range. While I like the visual simplicity and relative uniqueness of the pictured Frank Table Lamp, the Luminose based design has more DIY how to information and seems more suitable for a kit requiring assembly... more
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Bike Rack

Bike RackWe need a bike rack. I've played with a number of ideas, unfortunately our CNC isn't quite big enough to do all the parts for this one.
168_bike_rack5.pdf scale drawing (5pcs)
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Material Storage

Material StorageMultiple options needed, this one is for storing full sheets in the cubby just past the bathrooms (155_sheet_storage.pdf scale drawing). Can be made from our donated oversize 2x2 and 2x4 stock. Access isn't great, something like this slab buggy would be nice.

At least for now, all small partial sheets/scraps - plywood and acrylic - need to be moved to the smaller 'rack' near the masks, etc. entrance door. There's a lot of small stuff that needs to be tossed - anything less than a couple square feet.
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Screen Printing Filter Box

Screen Printing Filter BoxOur screen printing setup needs work, a tool champion to lead this would be nice. We need another screen rack, to setup a darkroom (combine 2 changing rooms?), make a filter box, etc. Making a filter box to fit under the washout booth could be something like the pictured RhinoTech M5 (acrylic box + filter fabric on existing frames) or some other home built solution. My thought is that the washout booth could go in the corner of one of the bathrooms (in place of existing shelves... done).
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Office Box Plans

Office box plansThere are a number of projects related to the build-out of the new Makerspace location. Mary wants to build a prototype of the Re-sohko Transform Box. While its a pretty cool project and there are dimensioned drawings 140_transformbox.pdf for it, there are a _lot_ of pieces and most/none of the material thicknesses used are available in the US (and drawing notes are in Japanese), i.e. this project needs someone to come up with a simplified/doable set of plans.
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Work Tables and Benches

Work Tables and BenchesThe build-out of the new space seems to be on hold due to COVID-19, but I've been working on a couple of ideas for work-spaces. The first is a workbench/desk that could also serve as a kind of divider to help define a work area. A lower back (36" VS 48") is another option, as is up to 36" in depth (VS the drawn 24"). Using inexpensive adjustable feet (sized for HF dollies/easy moving) is the best option here. The second idea is a rolling table/workbench with heavy duty 4-5" casters. Both are I-beam/torsion box designs using 3/4" sheet goods and dowels/confirmats for assembly (RTA), e.g. the lousy example image. Both can accommodate any combination of drawers and doors on the ends (VS all the way across in the image). Note: these would probably have to be cut/banded/drilled in my shop and assembled on site.

...The high back design could help prevent the spread of COVID-19, e.g. Taipei Elementary School dividers... Dutch. How much can dividers reduce the recommended 6' social distancing? Even ~4' distancing requires ~48 square feet per student, e.g. 12 in a 24x24' room using the above workbench/desk.

146_workbench_desk_7x2x4.pdf workbench/desk
146_rolling_table_66x48x35.pdf rolling table/workbench
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