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Dog LampDog LampMakerspace is working on making kits to sell, things that folks can make at home. Mary has asked if anyone is interested in making wood parts for a dog lamp. Doing a bit of research it appears that dog lamps are a thing, lots of variations available in a wide price range. While I like the visual simplicity and relative uniqueness of the pictured Frank Table Lamp, the Luminose based design has more DIY how to information and seems more suitable for a kit requiring assembly.


Frank Table Lamp ($93)
Luminose lamp ($180)
Luminose-like DIY
   A Wooden Dog LED Lamp (video)
   DIY How to make a wooden dog lamp video
Nordic lamp ($100)
Hroome lamp ($50)
Etsy wooden dog lamp images
Etsy 4 in 1 lamp ($120, $30 more than their dog lamp)
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PlansI haven't found any dimensional drawings and I'm not feeling like transcribing all dimensions at this point.

The Instructables DIY head pieces are 3-1/4" wide x 4" long x 1/4" thick and have compound 45 x 3 degree cuts along the 4" edges. Note: it would be better to cut them with a taper fixture on the tablesaw. All the rest of the pieces are made from 1 x 1/2" stock (image for lengths).

The Frank Table Lamp seems like a candidate for the CNC. While I like the design, I wonder how well the legs will stay on when the weather is dry. Something would definitely need to be changed/added when using this design for a speaker box (YAIP - yet another interesting project).
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