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Bellis Fair Woodshop

The new woodshop is a work in progress.

Machine layout (beta 2 done)
Power for the X-Carve (done)
Lighting (bulbs... done)
Dust collection (replace TS/ES collector... done)
Workbench (/outfeed table works for now)
Clamp racks (...done, may want to relocate them)

Sound reduction (need affordable ideas... blown in wall insulation?)
Material storage (for full sheet/long stuff and small partial sheets)
Wall storage cabinets/shelves (have wall/bench proposal thanks Kreig, need cheap/free e.g. Craigslist)
Air cleaner(s) (room, sanding, finishing?)
Get CNC machines running, determine usefulness
Install conduit/wiring on South wall

A wood lathe has been added to the woodshop, a tool champion and instructor for it is needed. Anyone interested in helping with the setup or in teaching woodworking classes can comment here/email me or use the Slack woodworking, #education and tool-champs channels (invite)

There are lots of other potential projects: tablesaw outfeed table (thanks Kreig), tablesaw miter gauge fence/stop/clamp, better mitersaw stand/fence, on machine accessory storage (e.g. bandsaw miter gauge and fence), cordless tool wall rack, etc.

I'm also interested in getting other skilled/knowledgeable woodworkers to to teach classes and host the woodshop on a regular basis. Open hours shop hosts make sure folks aren't doing something dangerous and can help with basic safe usage. Anything that would require more than 15min of their time should be routed to a class or hosted open woodshop. There are tons of possibilities and it would really help to know who has what skills and interests, something that can be published so that members can find/get help for the projects they want to make.

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5-22 work session and current ideas
Posted by Dave L on Saturday, 23-May-2020

The initial layout of machines has been redone and most are hooked up and ready to run. The goal is flexible usage without having to move things or step over cords. With that and the shared dust collector in mind, suggestions for improving the jointer planer setup would be welcome. Moved the vacuum former out next to the laser, ran an overhead wire for power to the outside wall.

Sound reduction ideas discussed include mounting our old office partition panels on the wall - what do we gain, is it worth the effort, are there better inexpensive alternatives - and replacing the swing doors with regular doors (no air/sound gaps) - trimmed down (solid core?) 36" doors might work (35-3/4" opening IIRC).

Dust collection is currently jointer/planer and tablesaw/edge sander. I'll upgrade the later collector soon. SLow has most of the parts for our large collector and the long term plan is getting it running (needs assembly, I'm pretty sure there's a base somewhere, and a 220 outlet) and having a pipe/access points along the wall.

Jeremiah proposed a pegboard with tool silhouettes on the outside wall - saws, hammers, etc. I'd like to have wall mounted clamp racks for the bar and pipe clamps (have one for the F clamps).

Kreig has proposed a divider/storage wall to separate the wood and metal working areas. I'd like to see that include storage cabinets/work and small machine bench - free/cheap kitchen base cabinets would do, none currently on Craigslist. We have a lot of miscellaneous stuff that needs a place to be stored (or gotten rid of).

Screen printing washout booth and related items need to be moved to the far bathroom, booth to replace shelves (...done). Unrelated stuff on that wall, e.g. HVLP and leaf blower, need a new home. Moving the bandsaw next to the wood lathe will then be an option - lathe in corner should allow enough working clearance (door) for moving the bandsaw next to it.
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