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Instructors Wanted

Pretty much anything, that Bellingham Makerspace has the equipment/space for and involves making stuff, is welcomed. There's no need to be a teacher, all you need is a desire to share something you are passionate about.

We especially need folks to teach ongoing Intro classes, classes that qualify members to use equipment for their own projects:
  • 3D printing - getting folks started with how to use our Ender3, Raise 3D N2, Ultimaker2, etc.
  • Vacuum forming - using our CR Clarke 1820
  • Screen printing - using our 4 station printer (need a tool-champ to set everything up)
  • Metalworking - using our manual lathe/mill (need a tool-champ to setup CNC mini lathe and mills)
  • Woodworking - using our lathe and scroll saw, wood carving, marquetry, etc.
  • Electronics - lots of new acquisitions and possibilities here (no current classes)
  • Sewing - using our (industrial) sewing machines
  • CAD - using free 2 and 3D CAD software, e.g. Fusion 360 or Solid Edge
  • First Aid/CPR


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