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Classes, Workshops and Demos

Current classes:
   Intro to the Woodshop
   Intro to the X-Carve CNC
      X-Carve Project Workshop
   Hosted Open Woodshop

   Display stands (lightsabers, etc. - Ivan S)
   Boxes (display, plywood, reuse, cabinet)
   Resawing and glueups (bandsaw, vacuum forming, etc.)
   Wall mounted shelves and corbels (joining, CNC, router, etc.)
   Vacuum veneering, frameless cabinets (Dave L)
   Cutting boards (resaw/bookmatch, jointing, glueup, CNC/router details, finish, etc.)
   Scroll saw usage including hand cut dovetails (Dean)

The Community Woodshop is bigger/nicer/more expensive, but their classes and How it Works pages seem to align with our interests and goals.


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