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Work Tables and Benches

Work Tables and BenchesThe build-out of the new space seems to be on hold due to COVID-19, but I've been working on a couple of ideas for work-spaces. The first is a workbench/desk that could also serve as a kind of divider to help define a work area. A lower back (36" VS 48") is another option, as is up to 36" in depth (VS the drawn 24"). Using inexpensive adjustable feet (sized for HF dollies/easy moving) is the best option here. The second idea is a rolling table/workbench with heavy duty 4-5" casters. Both are I-beam/torsion box designs using 3/4" sheet goods and dowels/confirmats for assembly (RTA), e.g. the lousy example image. Both can accommodate any combination of drawers and doors on the ends (VS all the way across in the image). Note: these would probably have to be cut/banded/drilled in my shop and assembled on site.

...The high back design could help prevent the spread of COVID-19, e.g. Taipei Elementary School dividers... Dutch. How much can dividers reduce the recommended 6' social distancing? Even ~4' distancing requires ~48 square feet per student, e.g. 12 in a 24x24' room using the above workbench/desk.

146_workbench_desk_7x2x4.pdf workbench/desk
146_rolling_table_66x48x35.pdf rolling table/workbench


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