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Master the Cut

Master the Cut

Try your hand at traditional Japanese hand tools! Learn how to make and take home small wood items such as coasters, gems, and roses.

Master the Cut is Part I of a 2-part Bellingham Makerspace tool sampler course. Part One introduces you to the hand plane and pull saw. We will discuss [and use/practice with] two traditional Japanese tools, the Kanna, or hand plane and the Ryoba, a pull saw.

The Kanna, or hand plane, can cut shavings as thin as 3 microns (0.003mm). For perspective, a piece of paper is roughly 0.1mm.

Japanese saws are well known for their razor-sharp teeth that cut on the pull stroke. There are all kinds of saws, but the one the student(s) will use is called a Ryoba, meaning "two teeth". One side has large rip teeth for cutting alongside the grain, the other has smaller teeth used for cutting across the grain.

NOTE: To keep everyone safe, all classes are currently one-on-one and can be tailored to your interests and schedule. To take advantage of this unique opportunity, please email the instructor (Ivan Schierling) to let them know what you are interested in learning and when you would like to learn it.

Class Length: 1-1/2 hours
Prerequisites: None

Instructor Bio: Ivan Schierling has been practicing Japanese carpentry for more than 10 years. As a student of many renowned woodworkers, Ivan was entranced with the beauty and craftsmanship of woodworking using well-made hand tools. From working on large garden structures to fine furniture, Ivan continues to refine his skills.


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