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Intro to CNC Routers

Intro to CNCA hands on introduction to CNC routers. Design, engrave and cut your own or acrylic coaster.

Designing and making custom coasters is a quick and easy way to cover numerous topics that apply to any CNC project. The class will use Easel to design coasters and then engrave and cut them using the Makerspace X-Carve. Topics to be covered include:
  • Basic intro to CNC (x/y/z axis, controllers. drivers, steppers, etc.)
  • Using the Easel software (design tools/apps, origin/home, paths, preview, etc)
  • Router bit selection (straight, spiral, compression and V-bits)
  • Using hold down clamps, waste boards and the dust collector
  • Making more complex wood and acrylic coasters/projects
Participants are encouraged to register at Inventables and watch the Learn Easel in 4 Minutes video. Makerspace members can use the X-Carve for personal projects after taking this class.

Class Length: 1-1/2 hours
Min/max registrations: 2-3
Prerequisites: None
If you'd like a 50% scholarship discount (no questions asked) or would like to see the class offered at another day/time (Wed-Mon, 4-6pm preferred), email davelers@gmail.com.

Instructor bio: Dave Lers has been a professional woodworker, metalworking hobbyist and maker for decades. Since becoming involved with the Makerspace he has been expanding his repertoire using the X-Carve and his customized Workbee CNC router.


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