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Intro to the X-Carve

Using the X-Carve ClassLearn how to use the Bellingham Makerspace X-Carve CNC router. An introduction to CNC using Easel (software) and the X-Carve (hardware). The class will cover laying out projects in Easel - using some of its numerous functions and features - as well as importing 2D CAD (dxf) and Inkscape (svg) projects into Easel. The class will then use the X-Carve to make a project.

Participants are encouraged to register at Inventables, watch the Learn Easel in 4 Minutes video and bring a simple project or idea. One project will be chosen and used to show how to setup and use the X-Carve, everyone else will leave with a ready to route project. The fallback project will be carving a signboard made in the Intro to the Woodshop class. Topics will include router bit selection, hold down clamps, fixtures, waste-boards and the dust collector. Makerspace members can use the X-Carve for personal projects after taking this class.

When: First Friday of the month, 6-8pm
Cost: $33.46
Available discounts: member/volunteer, scholarship and audit
Min/max registrations: 2-4
If you'd like a 50% scholarship discount (no questions asked) or would like to see the class offered at another day/time, email davelers@gmail.com

What to bring: A laptop PC if you have one
Related and useful classes: Vector Graphics 101 and Intro to the Woodshop


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