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X-Carve Project Workshop

X-Carve CNC Project WorkshopLearn how to cut and/or engrave your project using the X-Carve CNC router. This is an any skill level one-on-one (plus one) project workshop to help you turn your idea or design into a finished project. Possibilities include exploring basic to advanced Easel features and functions, importing and cutting/engraving your 2D CAD (dxf) or vector (svg) drawings, basic setup and usage of the X-Carve, advanced X-Carve setups involving fixtures for repetitive cuts, joint making, etc.

Folks new to Easel and the X-Carve are encouraged to register at Inventables, watch the Learn Easel in 4 Minutes video video and browse around/experiment a bit. Inquiries (davelers@gmail.com) about the suitability of using the X-Carve to make your project (drawings appreciated), or about scheduling the workshop a different day/time, are welcome.

When: Third Friday of the month, 6-7pm
Cost: $44.06
Available discounts: member/volunteer, scholarship
Max participants: 2


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