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CNC Projects

X-Carve CNC Project WorkshopA one-on-one project workshop to help you turn your design into a finished project.

For those who have taken Intro to CNC Routers and would like help preparing and cutting/engraving a project. Possibilities include learning to use advanced Easel features and functions, importing 2D CAD (dxf) or vector (svg) drawings, advanced X-Carve setups involving fixtures for repetitive cuts, joint making, two sided machining, longer than workspace machining, vacuum fixtures, etc.

To insure that the instructor can help with your project, please email him (davelers@gmail.com) some information about your idea/project (drawings appreciated) before registering. If the scheduled day/time is not convenient, please include your availability. Preferred scheduling is Wednesday - Monday starting at 4-6pm.

Class Length: 1 hour
Max participants: registrant plus one
Prerequisites: project info, Intro to CNC Routers

Instructor bio: Dave Lers has been a professional woodworker, metalworking hobbyist and maker for decades. Since becoming involved with the Makerspace he has been spending most of his time experimenting with and using the X-Carve and his customized Workbee CNC.


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