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The first step to using the X-Carve is to "sign in", you can also "request" an open time slot ahead of time.

Signing in to use the X-Carve lets anyone anywhere interested in using it know that it is currently in use. All you need to do is click [new], enter your first-name last-initial, click Preview and Post Now!. The returned page includes a Login to Easel link. The current setup gives everyone a 2hr block of time. If you need more/less time, please add a note to the comments.

Requesting a time slot helps to insure that you can sign-in/use the X-Carve when you want. Requesting a 2hr time slot can be done as a reply to the current users sign-in (auto filled form) or as a new post. When using [new], replace the default title with "'month-day' request" and replace the default comment with the requested time frame (hr:min - hr:min). Please limit requests to the current or next day that Makerspace is open.


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