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The Bellingham Makerspace has two lasers, a 30x28" Epilog Fusion and a 20x12" Full Spectrum.

Epilog Fusion 120W

Epilog Fusion 120W LaserThe big laser is an Epilog Fusion M2 40 CO2 laser which has a 40" wide x 28" deep x 13.25" high workspace. It has an optional attachment for engraving cylindrical objects and it can engrave and/or cut a wide variety of materials. The material settings pdf (5 pages 88.2KB) provides more specifics, e.g. up to 1/2" thick cutting of wood and acrylic (...the print driver has lots of presets). While pretty much anything that can be printed can be engraved (raster), cutting requires vector graphics (PDF w/ .001" lines). Makerspace classes use Inkscape (free) for design and processing files for the laser.

Makerspace Laser Checklist Draft, Epilog Laser Checklist PDF and Laser Cutter Safety PDF
Using the Center-Center Option, Center Engraving

Fusion M2 site (sample club, knowledge base, whitepapers)
Fusion M2 manual (214 pages 12.2MB)
Cleaning and Maintenance
LED Diagnostics (e.g. no CPU2)

See also Epilog: Laser Checklist Draft, DXF to PDF
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