Welcome to Bellingham Makers, an extension of Bellingham Makerspace. This is a community website and all Bellingham makers are encouraged to participate. This is a work in progress, many of the Makerspace tools and machines have yet to be included here. The Forum is offered to help facilitate communication and sharing.

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Eventbrite widget for upcoming Bellingham Makerspace classes. Clicking a date shows the class being offered, clicking the class title or image will take you to the full description and allow you to register.

Makerspace is working on expanding its offerings and making the process more user and instructor friendly. To that end, classes are cancelled if the instructor set minimum number of participants is not reached 24hrs before the class starts. Registration for classes that are a go will remain open until 15min before the class starts (or the instructor set maximum number of participants is reached).

Jan 27: New classes will be listed as soon as Makerspace gets up and running at its new location.
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