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CNC : X-Carve : Sign In (Friday, 15-Nov-2019)
CNC : X-Carve : Classes : X-Carve Project Workshop (Monday, 28-Oct-2019)
CNC : X-Carve : Drilling holes (Sunday, 27-Oct-2019)
Woodshop : Learning : Wood Movement (Wednesday, 23-Oct-2019)
CNC : X-Carve : Machine Setup (Monday, 21-Oct-2019)
Bellingham Makers : Classes (Monday, 02-Sep-2019)
CNC : X-Carve : Classes : Intro to the X-Carve (moved Monday, 28-Oct-2019)
Laser : Epilog : Laser Checklist Draft (Wednesday, 12-Jun-2019)
CNC : X-Carve : Dust Collector (Monday, 03-Jun-2019)
CNC : X-Carve : Repetitive Cut Fixture (Friday, 24-May-2019)
Woodshop : Intro to the Woodshop Class (Thursday, 23-May-2019)
About : Website (Thursday, 25-Apr-2019)
Woodshop : Woodshop Standards (Wednesday, 24-Apr-2019)
Woodshop : Learning : 9 Steps to Sizing Rough Lumber (Wednesday, 24-Apr-2019)
Woodshop : Learning : Wood Lumber Cuts (Tuesday, 23-Apr-2019)
More_Tools : LaserPoint II Vinyl Cutter (Tuesday, 23-Apr-2019)
Woodshop : Learning : Wood warping (Thursday, 11-Apr-2019)
Woodshop : Learning : Reading Grain Direction (Thursday, 11-Apr-2019)
More_Tools : Clarke_1820 : Materials and Settings (Thursday, 11-Apr-2019)
More_Tools : CR Clarke 1820 Vacuum Former (Thursday, 11-Apr-2019)
Bellingham Makers : Current Categories (Thursday, 11-Apr-2019)
3D_Printing : Rostock MAX v2 (Thursday, 11-Apr-2019)
Woodshop : Machines : Dewalt Planer (Thursday, 11-Apr-2019)
Woodshop : Machines : Sawstop Tablesaw (Thursday, 11-Apr-2019)
Woodshop : Machines : Ryobi Miter Saw (Thursday, 11-Apr-2019)
Woodshop : Machines : Jet Jointer (Friday, 05-Apr-2019)
Laser : Epilog : DXF to PDF (Friday, 05-Apr-2019)
Laser : Epilog Fusion 120W (Friday, 05-Apr-2019)
CNC : X-Carve (Friday, 05-Apr-2019)
CNC : X-Carve : Router Bits (Friday, 05-Apr-2019)


Forum : X-Carve Driver Issues Resolved (by Dave L on Saturday, 11-Jan-2020)
CNC : X-Carve : 01-10 5:33 sign in (by Dave L on Friday, 10-Jan-2020)
CNC : X-Carve : 01-09 4:19 sign in (by Jeff M on Thursday, 09-Jan-2020)
Forum : Dust Collection Change (by Dave L on Saturday, 28-Dec-2019)
Forum : Re: Makerspace needs a new space (by Dave L on Sunday, 17-Nov-2019)
Forum : Makerspace needs a new space (by Dave L on Saturday, 02-Nov-2019)
Forum : Re: X-Carve CNC moved (by Dave L on Friday, 18-Oct-2019)
Forum : X-Carve CNC moved (by Dave L on Tuesday, 15-Oct-2019)
Forum : Woodshop machines have moved (by Dave L on Thursday, 03-Oct-2019)
Forum : Router and drill bits (by Dave L on Sunday, 15-Sep-2019)
Forum : Changes to the space (by Dave L on Friday, 13-Sep-2019)
Forum : New Tools (by Dave L on Tuesday, 03-Sep-2019)
Forum : The Growroom (by Dave L on Saturday, 20-Jul-2019)
Forum : The laser is working (by Dave L on Saturday, 13-Jul-2019)
Forum : Re: Volunteer Meeting (by Dave L on Thursday, 11-Jul-2019)
Forum : Volunteer Meeting (by Dave L on Wednesday, 10-Jul-2019)
Forum : Plant Sphere Installed (by Dave L on Wednesday, 10-Jul-2019)
Forum : Laser is down (by Dave L on Sunday, 07-Jul-2019)
Forum : Planer adjusted (by Dave L on Sunday, 07-Jul-2019)
Forum : Planer needs adjustment (by Dave L on Saturday, 29-Jun-2019)
Forum : Laser not booting (by Dave L on Thursday, 27-Jun-2019)
Forum : Plant Sphere Workshop (by Dave L on Monday, 24-Jun-2019)

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