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The Bellingham Makerspace has four light duty CNC machines. The X-Carve is currently the only one seeing regular usage. The Handibot doesn't appear to be working, the software cannot connect to the controller. Michael is working on getting the small CNC metalworking mill and lathe up and running.


X-CarveThe X-Carve has a cutting area of 750mm wide x 750mm deep x 65mm tall (~29.5 x 29.5 x 2.5"). In theory, it can through cut material up to ~32mm/1-1/4" thick and engrave material up to ~57mm/2-1/4" thick. The JCPL X-Carve Quick Start (2MB PDF) provides a step by step guide for setting up and routing a project (note: we don't have a z-probe).

Easel is the free online 2.5D CAM software for the X-Carve. A good place to start is the Learn Easel in 4 Minutes video. Using V-bits (V-Carving) to achieve 3D effects requires Easel Pro which can be used 4 days per month for free (paid monthly and day passes also available). True 3D carving using Fusion 360 (free for startups and hobbyists) appears to be somewhat involved.

X-Carve Troubleshooting and FAQ's
Easel videos, guides and tutorials
Projects - video tutorials and many ready to go things to make w/ the X-Carve.

See also: X-Carve (Polylines, Center Origin, Router Bits, etc.)
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