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Bellingham Makerspace woodworking machines - information, safety and usage - a work in progress.
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Jet Bandsaw

Jet BandsawThe Jet 14" (wheel diameter) bandsaw can cut material up to 13-1/2" wide and 6" tall on its 15" square tiltable (10L and 45R) worktable. It has a 1hp motor and uses a 1/8-3/4" wide x 93-1/2 long blade that cuts at 3000sfpm.

Jet BandsawThanks to Sean I, our bandsaw has a Kreg fence and resaw guides (image source). The resaw guides are great because cutting parallel to the fence alone is not reliable (requires careful adjustment that needs to be tweaked after blade changes and uneven blade wear). We also have a miter gauge for cutting small stock.
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Grizzly Edge Sander

Edge SanderThe Grizzly G1140 edge sander has a 22" long primary table that can be raised/lowered and tilted to sand angles. It also has a small end table that can be used for sanding inside curves. The sander uses 6" wide x 80" long belts and has a 29-3/4" long platen. Accessories include a back stop for face sanding and an adjustable miter gauge for sanding end grain. If you're going to do a lot of face sanding, the sanding head can be tilted horizontal.

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Dewalt Planer

Dewalt PlanerThe Dewalt DW733 can plane boards up to 12-1/2" wide and 6" thick. While the maximum advertised depth of cut is 1/8" (2 turns) for narrow boards, this is an old planer with a small dust collector. Please limit the depth of cut to 1/32" (1/2 turn) on wide boards and 1/16" (1 turn) on narrower boards. Minimum board length is 12". Minimum board thickness is 1/8".

Using the planer - selected/modified manual pages (510KB PDF)
draft safety check
Manual (1.4MB PDF)
Parts (type 1)
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Sawstop Tablesaw

Sawstop TablesawThe Sawstop CB3120 has a 36" rip capacity and a 3-1/8" maximum depth of cut. The 10" blade mounts to a left tilting 5/8" arbor. The saw has an easy to change segmented guard for standard cuts and a riving knife for blind or narrow cuts. The cast iron table (with wings) measures 44" wide by 30" deep (deeper than the Grizzly 27" deep cast iron router table wing accessory).

YouTube: The quick (8sec) and detailed (5min) reason why we have a Sawstop tablesaw.

Using the Sawstop - basics, selected Sawstop manual pages (4.5MB PDF)
draft safety check
Tablesaw Usage and Safety - Makerspace specific, comments welcome (22KB PDF).
Full Manual (15.3MB PDF)
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Ryobi Miter Saw

Ryobi Miter SawThe Ryobi TSS102L is a sliding compound miter saw that can square cut 2x12 and 4x4 lumber and miter cut 2x8's. It uses a standard (5/8 arbor) 10" blade and has a laser for cut line alignment. Miter capacity is 45 degrees left and 50 degrees right. Bevel capacity is 45 degrees left.

Using the Miter Saw - Operation manual pages (4.6MB PDF)
draft safety check
Manual (11.9MB en PDF)
Parts, laser ($30)
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Jet Jointer

Jet JointerThe Jet JJ-6CSDX jointer can joint and surface boards up to 6" wide. It has a 56" long bed, a 1HP three knife cutterhead and an adjustable fence with stops for 90 and 45+/- degrees.

Using the Jointer - select manual pages (1.3MB PDF)
draft safety check
Manual (16.2MB PDF)
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