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The Makerspace Shapeoko CNC Router is using Estlcam for CAM and motion control. While the Shapeoko is functional, it is a work in progress with a dust shoe, new spoilboard, auto on dust collector/router, (done) tool list and documentation/classes in the works. See also: Dave's CNC : Estlcam pages.

Supported G-codes

While using Estlcam for CAM has a lot of advantages, Fusion 360 etc. generated G-Code can be run on the Shapeoko. When using another CAM program the G-code needs to be postprocessed. It appears that the most Estlcam (controller) compatible post processor choices are Mach 3 and Linux CNC. See the Estlcam site for a list of supported codes/requirements.
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Tool Lists

Tool ListsEveryone using the Shapeoko should create a folder in Documents : Estlcam. If you want to save changes to a tool list, open the Tool List menu, select save, navigate to Documents : Estlcam : [you], name it what you will and save. Please never save the default list. That said, the default list is still a work in progress.

Click the thumbnail for a brief description and examples of the visible settings.
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Units of Measure

Units of MeasureWhen importing G-code generated by another CAM program, the units of measure need to match. While imported drawings can have any unit of measure and there are advantages to leaving the machine set to millimeters, the CAM and controller units can be changed. Go to Setup : Basic settings, change the highlighted options (click to enlarge image) to suit and restart Estlcam. Please leave all other settings alone and return the machine to millimeters when you're done.
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