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Wood warping
Wood warping"The types of wood warping include:
  • bow: a warp along the length of the face of the wood
  • crook: (also called wain) a warp along the length of the edge of the wood
  • kink: a localized crook, often due to a knot
  • cup: a warp across the width of the face, in which the edges are higher or lower than the center of the wood
  • twist or wind: a distortion in which the two ends do not lie on the same plane. Winding sticks assist in viewing this defect."
When processing lumber on the jointer; the face is flattened with the concave face of the bow, cup or twist against the bed. The edge is easiest to straighten with the concave edge of the crook, kink or twist against the bed. To help prevent binding and kickbacks when cross cutting warped boards, the concave face and edge should always face away from the table and fence of the saw. Ripping to width is also done concave face up, but requires a straight (jointed) edge against the fence. With sheet goods, a slight concave against the fence is fine (better than a convex edge).


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