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Community Woodshop Standards

This is Dave's attempt at a reasonable set of community woodshop standards. The purpose is to keep _everyone_ safe and comfortable. Common courtesy and leading by example are appreciated. Please leave a comment (or talk to him) if you have questions, disagreements or suggestions.

Personal Safety:
  • Use hand sanitizer before entering the shop (provided)
  • A mask is required at all times (can provide)
  • Safety glasses and ear protection required (provided)
  • Shoes or boots required (no open toes, sandals, etc.)
  • No gloves (surgical OK) and no loose hair, clothing, jewelry, etc.
  • No drug or alcohol use/impairment
  • All material should be at least 12" long, shorter pieces need to be clamped
  • Only clean (no dirt, paint, nails, etc.) wood is allowed on all machines
  • Cutting plastic is not allowed on the jointer or planer (carbide blades only)
  • Cutting metal, or any conductive material, is not allowed
  • All used wood must be checked with the metal detector before cutting
  • All other materials require approval
  • Collect any needed accessories - push sticks, extension cord, etc.
  • Attach the dust collector, check for and clear clogged hoses and full collector bags
  • Make sure there is adequate in-feed and out feed space for the material
  • Set up support stands for material that will not be adequately supported by the machine
  • The surrounding floor should be free of dust to prevent excess risk of slipping
  • Check the material to be cut to insure that it is free of all nails, staples, etc.
Safe Operation:
  • Never operate a machine without its guard in place
  • Keep blade exposure or cutting depth to a minimum
  • Keep the material in solid contact with the table and fence
  • Always cut with the long edge against the fence
  • Always hold/clamp the largest part of the piece being cut
  • Cutting material with your hand less than 3" from the blade/cutterhead requires push sticks
  • Joint and face warped material before ripping it
  • Freehand sawing is only allowed on the bandsaw and scroll saw.
  • Do not attempt to clear the blade of loose pieces while the machine is running.
Post Operation:
  • Move the blade/guard to its safe, no cut, position
  • Clean the machine and put away any accessories
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor surrounding the work area
  • If you moved the machine, put it back where you found it


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