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Shapeoko 3 XXL

Shapeoko 3 XXLThe Makerspace Shapeoko is currently not setup to use. In most respects the Shapeoko is pretty comparable to the X-Carve. What sets the Shapeoko apart is its larger/thicker/stiffer extrusions. An upgrade to linear slides and ballscrews would make it a definite step up from the X-Carve. Mark Gelbien's modded Shapeoko (pictured) was the inspiration. The PDF 247_mgn15_2.pdf is a work in progress, playing w/ sfu16mm ball screws and various linear slides (mgn15, hgh15 and hgh20 - top to bottm).

Currently the cheapest ball screws screws are the somewhat slow (for routing wood) sfu1605's - 5mm travel per turn VS 10mm for sfu1610's. The cheapest linear slides are the hgh20's which are really big and pose logistical issues, something like the PrintNC 3D printed bearing block mounts might work. Ebay has complete x,y and z sfu1605/hgh20 sets for ~$415 shipped... same in pieces ~$350.


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