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Shapeoko 3 XXL

Shapeoko 3 XXLThe Makerspace Shapeoko has a cutting area of 838 x 838 x 76mm (~33 x 33 x 3").

The Shapeoko is now using Estlcam for CAM and/or motion control. The machine can cut and/or engrave imported DXF (incl. layered), SVG, STL and G-code files. Estlcam CAM is not as user friendly as Easel, but it has numerous features that make more advanced projects possible.

04/22: While the tool list could use work, the machine is fully functional. Features include 3-axis probing, auto on/off router and dust collection, emergency stop, jogging pendant and new spoil/waste boards with alignment dowels.

See the Shapeoko page for details.


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