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Dust Collector

Dust CollectorThe new dust collector swings out of the way for easy bit changes and provides good cut visibility.
  • Loosen the side knob and swing the plate out of the way
  • Insert/tighten the bit and set its start location/height
  • Turn on the CNC controller to lock the stepper motors
  • Swing the plate over the bit until the bit is centered in the hole/plate
  • Set the plate just high enough to clear all clamps/screw heads.
  • Insure that the space between the router body and plate is >= depth of cut.
  • Tighten the side knob.
In the example the plate is relatively high because it needs to clear the knobs (bad idea), luckily there was enough clearance to make the desired depth of cut... There are some new low profile hold down clamps to help with potential clearance issues... Added a rotational stop to simplify bit/plate alignment... Widened the bit slot for the 1/2" V bits, even the collet nut will fit when the flats align with the slot.


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